Mohammed Amer- Biography, Age &Height, Parents, Wife, Children, Net Worth And Career

Mohammed Amer is a Palestinian-American stand-up comedian. Mo is most known for being one-third of the comic group Allah Made Me Funny and for his Netflix comedy special Mo Amer: The Vagabond. Additionally, he co-starred for two seasons as Mo, the diner owner relative of comic Ramy Youssef, in the Hulu sitcom Ramy. He plays the lead role in Black Adam. Additionally, he produced and starred in the Netflix television series Mo. The program, which premiered in August 2022, is partially based on his personal experiences as a Palestinian refugee growing up. Amer will host the flagship Doha Debates series, which will be filmed in front of a live audience in Qatar’s Education City in 2023.

Mo Amer On Second Season Of 'Mo'
Mo Amer On the Second Season Of ‘Mo’

Mohammed Amer-Age &Height

The famous Mo Amer was born in Palestine on July 24, 1981, and is now 42 years old.

Mohammed is 1.75 meters tall.

Mohammed Amer- Family

The famous Ammer was born into a family of six, and he is the youngest of six children. His father worked as an engineer for the Kuwait Oil Company. When he was 9, his sister Haifa, his brother, and his mother left Kuwait during the Gulf War for the US and later settled in Houston, Texas.

Mohammed Amer’s wife

Amer was living in Los Angeles with his Mexican-American wife and stepdaughter. During the COVID-19 epidemic, in his 2021 Netflix special, Mo Amer: Mohammed in Texas, he states that he got divorced.

Does Mo Amer have kids?

Mo does not have children, although he did have a stepdaughter that he was raising with his ex-wife. It’s unclear what exactly his connection with his stepdaughter is now that the two are split.

Mohammed’s Career History

Amer began his career at age 10 and discovered stand-up comedy at a Texas rodeo. After his father’s death, he began taking unsanctioned trips to Mexico with friends. His passion for stand-up led him to participate in high school theatre and develop his act in the comedy club scene. In 1999, he entered Houston’s Funniest Person Contest and was mentored by Danny Martinez at The Comedy Showcase. Amer became the first and only Arab-American refugee comic to perform for US and coalition troops overseas at age 19. He has also performed in over 27 countries on five continents, including Germany, Italy, Sicily, Japan, South Korea, and Bahrain.

Amer has performed at various events worldwide. They include the Comedy Festival in Las Vegas, the Islamic Relief Evening of Inspiration event in 2007, the Islam Expo in Olympia, London, and the Global Peace and Unity event in 2008. Amer has been interviewed on television and radio. Additionally, The star appears in independent films and has been interviewed by over 100 major world media outlets. In 2018, Amer joined the cast of the Hulu show Ramy. He filmed his first Netflix comedy special, Mo Amer: The Vagabond. In 2022, he starred in the DC film Black Adam and was named GQ Man of the Year in the UAE.

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