Peaky Blinders Actor Joe Cole Photo

Joe Cole (Actor) Bio, Age, Brother, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Movies

Joe Cole is an English actor known for his portrayal of Iver Iversen in Against the Ice. He has also starred as Billy Moore in A Prayer Before Dawn and as John Shelby in Peaky Blinders. Some of his other popular films include Pressure, Green Room, and Volume.

The Succession Actor Arian Moayed and his Wife Krissy Shields Photo

Arian Moayed Bio, Age, Family, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Movies

Arian Moayed is an Iranian-American actor known for his portrayal of Agent P. Cleary of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Likewise, he starred as Amal Qinawi in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Most recently, he appeared as Succession as Stewy Hosseini.

The Mindy Project Actress Laverne Cox Photo

Laverne Cox Bio, Age, Height, Twin, Husband, Net Worth, Movies

Laverne Cox is an American actress known for portraying the character of Sophia Burset in Orange Is the New Black Netflix series. Likewise, she is an LGBT advocate and the first transgender person to be on the Time magazine cover.

The Veep Actress Anna Chlumsky Photo

Anna Chlumsky Bio, Age, Husband, Daughters, Net Worth, Movies

Anna Chlumsky is an American actress known for portraying the role of Agent Melissa Matthews in White Collar. Likewise, she played the character of Vada Sultenfuss in both My Girl and its sequel, My Girl 2.

The Ozark Actress Julia Garner Photo

Julia Garner Bio, Age, Family, Hair, Husband, Net Worth, Movies

Julia Garner is an American actress known for portraying the character of Rola in Everything Beautiful Is Far Away. Likewise, she made several appearances in The Perks of Being a Wallflower film in the role of Susan.

The Drop Dead Diva Actress Brooke Elliott Photo

Brooke Elliott Bio, Age, Family, Husband, Net Worth, Movies

Brooke Elliott is an American actress who is known for portraying Majella in The Pirate Queen. Likewise, she starred as the Sugar Bowl in the Beauty and the Beast US touring theater productions. Some of her other popular films include Trew Calling, Furst Born, and Taboo.

Lisa Hayes Photo

Lisa Hayes Theater, Bio, Age, Family, Husband, Shows, Net Worth

Lisa Hayes is an American theatremaker, artist, play writer, public historian, and cultural leader who was born and raised in Wyoming and Montana. She is well-known for her play performances such as Jane Eyre, Finding the Light, and Nurse!